Post Slider Element

The post slider element allows you to display a 2-5 column slider with entries, that are fetched from any of your Themes active Taxonomies. This also includes Taxonomies that are added via Plugins. So for example if you have a shop plugin active you will also be able to display the latest Products.

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What is cloud computing??

Cloud Computing is a term from Cloud which means internet and Computing which means computer. Cloud computing is an internet-based computing concept, which functions to run programs through computers that are connected to each other at the…


Blockchain is computer-managed data that is not owned by any entity. Cryptography is used to bind and secure various data blocks contained in it. Everyone can access and view transaction records because blockchain is public. Blockchain technology…


Augmented Reality or what we often hear as (AR) is a technology that combines two-dimensional or three-dimensional virtual objects into the real world so that they can apply these virtual objects in reality and in real time. On the other…

Virtual tour

what is virtual tour?? A virtual tour can be defined as a simulation of a specific location consisting of a sequence of still or video images. other than that other multimedia elements such as text, music, narration sound effects, and others…


Data science is a combination of 3 sciences, namely mathematics, statistics, and business knowledge. Data science itself can be used in various fields and industries. For example: Sports field Data science can be used to choose…


Credits:Unsplash Digital payments aims to achieve an easy, convenient, fast, and secure payment method. This digital payment method saw massive development within four to five years. And there will be more changes in the future. Here…

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