Cloud Computing is a term from Cloud which means internet and Computing which means computer. Cloud computing is an internet-based computing concept, which functions to run programs through computers that are connected to each other at the same time. With cloud computing, you can do work like using a computer such as storing, accessing, and processing data easily. Cloud Computing makes it easy for users to run programs without having to install applications first and makes it easier for users to access data and information via the internet.

Cloud computing benefits

1. makes it easy to store and access data

Cloud computing services allow users to store and access files online. Thus, the user’s files are always available as long as the user is always connected to the internet.

2. Get regular system updates

Update is one of the features that aims to provide the best service to customers. The update aims to improve security, then improve features to provide a better experience to internet users around the world. cloud computing. always updating all the facilities so that users get the maximum benefit.

3. relatively low cost

Users need to be logged on to the right cloud computing service. Make sure the cloud service you choose is suitable for your computing needs.

The high and low fees charged to users are in accordance with the services that users participate in with cloud computing service providers.

4. Communication Becomes Easier

Cloud Computing makes it easy for fellow users to communicate and interact effectively and efficiently.

with cloud computing allows users and their relationships to share and work on data simultaneously.

Types of cloud computing technology

1. Public Cloud

Public cloud computing is the storage of every data and information on the internet media with a service model that uses public access rights. This means that every user can use every feature and service for free and it doesn’t cost anything, it only requires internet.

Usually this service has a large storage space capacity.

Examples are social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. In addition, there are also email-based services, namely Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

Public cloud also has a weakness, where the security system is easy to hack so that it requires user’s personal data to be traded and even misused.

2. Private cloud

Private cloud is the use of cloud technology for the benefit of an organization or company that is private. Usually, it is used for business needs to make it easier and faster to connect communication between teams.

Private cloud is perfect for use by entities or businesses that require strict regulations.

For its own application, it can only be used by stakeholders within the same company or organization. Private cloud computing has a better security system than public cloud computing.

3. Community Cloud

Community Cloud is a cloud infrastructure that is shared by several organizations that have the same interests, and the need for the same level of security.

The cloud may be owned and managed by one or more organizations within the community. It can also be owned by a third party or a combination of the organization and a third party. Even though the organizations that use the cloud are different, they usually work in the same industry or field.

4. Hybrid cloud

The cloud infrastructure available in Hybrid Cloud is a combination of private and public cloud computing types. Although the entity remains independent, there is technology that allows data and application portability between the clouds to be connected.

Blockchain is computer-managed data that is not owned by any entity. Cryptography is used to bind and secure various data blocks contained in it. Everyone can access and view transaction records because blockchain is public. Blockchain technology has evolved to support various areas of daily life. Blockchain technology is also ready to help the government with accuracy and low cost.


  • Can Secure Data

The information system in the Blockchain is stored in the computer making this Blockchain technology safe and very difficult to hack.

  • No central server

Blockchain technology does not have a central server because all data is copied and then propagated to all nodes in the network.

  • Can Reduce Costs

It processes transactions and reduces manual tasks such as aggregating and converting data.


  • Not Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy to Hack
  • Difficult to manage

Augmented Reality or what we often hear as (AR) is a technology that combines two-dimensional or three-dimensional virtual objects into the real world so that they can apply these virtual objects in reality and in real time.

On the other hand, AR is a technology capable of inserting information into the virtual world and displaying it in the real world. AR also requires assistance such as a computer webcam, a camera, and even special glasses.

How augmented reality works

As discussed above, AR can be displayed on various devices such as mobile phones, special glasses, cameras, screens, webcams, and so on. These devices will function as output devices that will display information in the form of videos, images, animations, and 3D models that need to be used.

The workings of augmented reality are as follows:

1. Camera and Sensor

This tool can be used to collect general information data with users and send it for processing. This tool is capable of examining an environment and the acquired data, as well as finding physical items and creating 3D objects.

2. Projection

One should know what AR component projection is. This component refers to small projectors. For example, like a headset, the device will receive information from sensors and project computerized content onto a surface for viewing. However, the actual use of these components is not exactly the same as intended for use on vehicles.

3. Reflection

AR devices in reflection have a mirror to help the human eye see the image virtually. With this method of reflection, some devices have various angled mirrors and some have mirrors in two sides. This serves to reflect light to the camera and the user’s eyes. The purpose of the reflection mode is to play a precise and accurate setting of the image.

Examples of Application of Augmented Reality

  1. Game

Still remember the game pokemon go? Or is anyone still playing?? This game has its own charm because it has the concept of combining the real world with your favorite Pokemon characters. This game makes you feel as if you were in the Pokemon world. Other games that use the AR concept are Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and many more

  • Social Media

One of the AR features that you often use is on Instagram. Who doesn’t know Instagram filters? Yep, almost everyone can already use filters because of the availability of some interesting and entertaining filters of course. These filters are created using AR as a 3D object and also use a touch of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology as the logic.

  • Medical

In the world of medical education, augmented reality technology is often used. Both in the form of applications and other operating equipment. At the Cleveland Clinic at Case Western Reserve University, students use AR headsets to learn the intricacies of human anatomy.

  • Broadcast

This is definitely an area that you come across often. From weather broadcasts to sporting events. AR in the form of images on your TV screen is common. If you usually find quality impressions in terms of visual objects, that’s the use of AR technology. An example of a film that uses AR is Star Wars.


Virtual reality or what we often see as (VR) is a technology that can make users interact in a virtual world that is simulated by a computer. As the name implies, this VR user can feel being in the environment the user wants even though he is at home. Virtual reality can be used whenever and as you wish. This is because VR itself has a size that can be carried anywhere.

How virtual reality works

The way VR works begins with the user seeing the desired world through dynamic images generated from computer simulations. then assisted by tools such as VR glasses, users can feel entering a virtual world that does not use the real world at all.

positive impact of VR

  • profession simulation
  • can fill empty time
  • free vacation

negative impact of VR

  • forget the time
  • overly addicted
  • cause disease

what is virtual tour??

A virtual tour can be defined as a simulation of a specific location consisting of a sequence of still or video images. other than that other multimedia elements such as text, music, narration sound effects, and others can be included in it. The most modern virtual tour today is a virtual tour through virtual reality (VR) technology. In addition to virtual tours, VR technology can also be used for other needs ranging from entertainment to media education and job training, for example the use of VR for immersive educational media, and job training that is cost-effective and without the risk of injury (military training, firefighting, factory work and others).

application of virtual tours in business

  1. property and real estate

With this virtual tour, it makes it easier for prospective home buyers to see in detail before coming directly to the place. With this virtual tour it can also save the time and labor of agents to offer home tours in person to people who do not intend to make a purchase

  • tourist

Before visiting tourist attractions, of course we want to know how the location is there. Now, with this virtual tour, tourists can see a 360 °view of the location of the tour to be visited

  • campus and school

This virtual tour is very useful for seeing educational places because it can make prospective students see the classrooms and facilities in place before choosing the right place to study

  • digital meseum

With the existence of a digital virtual tour, this museum provides many benefits for its special education about history. Not only education, this platform is also connected to the community and can be done anywhere and anytime using good internet power

  • hotel

usually before we stay at the hotel we will look for a suitable hotel and provide comfort for us to rest, now by using this virtual tour we can see 360° ​​views around the hotel and what facilities are in it

  • showroom

Virtual tours can be beneficial for companies that have showrooms to showcase products at any time without. This 360 showroom view is more pleasing to the eye than photos with good quality, and also increases customer interest with the products they want

Sumber: depositphotos

There are many benefits of virtual tours that can benefit your business

  1. save time and cost
  2. 2. bigger reach
  3. 3. more attention-grabbing
  4. 4. create focus
  5. 5. visual information
  6.  targeting potential customers
  7.  Bigger ROI
  8. Customization

This virtual tour has a positive impact on life, especially during the covid 19 pandemic. People can feel where they want to be with an interesting 360 view even though they are just at home.

Data science is a combination of 3 sciences, namely mathematics, statistics, and business knowledge. Data science itself can be used in various fields and industries.

For example:

Sports field

Data science can be used to choose the best players based on historical data from them before

E-commerce field

Data science can be useful for recommending products but can find products that suit you and what you need

Mining Field

Data science can be useful for predicting machine breakdowns and predicting community prices so that companies can be more efficient and effective in operational activities

What is the difference between data mining and data science? Key Differences Between Data Science and Data Mining

  • Data mining

DATA MINING  is part of activities in order to find patterns behind a set of data using KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) rules.

  • Data science

while data science by combining applied mathematics and computer science.


Digital payments aims to achieve an easy, convenient, fast, and secure payment method. This digital payment method saw massive development within four to five years. And there will be more changes in the future.

Here are the digital payment trends for 2022:

            From Card To Code

The use of this code increases the security in bank accounts by leaps and bounds. This shows how code can shape the way a bank account system is managed.

           Smart Speaker Payment

Speakers from smart assistants are primitive because they are limited, With the growth of home automation, smart speakers are also starting to become mainstream.

Biometric authentication

Biometric authentication is a verification method that involves the biological and structural characteristics of a person. This verification method is fingerprint scanner, facial recognition, iris recognition, heart rate analysis, and vein mapping.

Contactless Payment

Contactless payments are faster and more secure due to instant transfer of encrypted data to point-of-sale devices.

Advantages of Digital Payments

  • Safe
  • transactions are more convenient and faster
  • Various Interesting Features Available

What is RPA

RPA is a software robot capable of assisting in performing repetitive tasks as well as imitating and integrating human actions in a digital system.
This RPA robot can also imitate most of the activities performed by humans. The robot can also enter into applications, move files and folders, copy and paste data, fill out forms, extract structured and semi-structured data from a document or browser, and much more. They will do anything you tell them to.
not only that, there are many more benefits that this robot can do.

One of the advantages in business is

  • Better accuracy
  • Improved speed and productivity
  • employees do not need to do their work manually
  • increased accuracy and consistency in processing high data
  • reduce errors and improve worker quality results so as to increase customer satisfaction.

Of course there are also disadvantages of this RPA

  • unemployment
  • requires a large initial cost
  • fostering the lazy nature of humans, because everything has been handled by robots.
    not only for Robotic Process Automation business, but also useful for e-commerce, health and so on

Credits: Unsplash

Non-Fungible Tokens or what we often hear as NFT are tokens that cannot be exchanged.

NFT is a digital asset that is often used by Artists, Content creators or businessmen to take advantage of selling their art such as images, videos, photos, songs, etc. on OpenSea or other marketplaces with values ​​that cannot be replaced or exchanged. NFT functions as proof of ownership of goods that can be purchased with crypto currency. Each NFT will have transaction record data in the blockchain, the data contains the creator, price, and ownership history

The way NFT works is like we do transactions in general, only through digital platforms or available marketplaces. Not only in the OpenSae marketplace, there are other digital marketplaces such as CryptoPunks and Rarible. The currency used in NFT payments is cryptocurrency, which generally uses Ethereum.

Advantages of NFT

1. NFT cannot be erased, destroyed, or engineered.

2. The level of NFT duplication can be said to be 0, no random person can commit fraud because the unique code is neatly maintained.

3. Artists have a special space to offer their work at a reasonable price. Moreover, works of art do not have absolute value. The more famous the artist, the higher the NFT sold will be.

disadvantages of nft

1. NFT can be stolen. If the marketplace where you bought it closes, there is no guarantee that the assets you own are safe because the assets from NFT are digital assets.

2. NFT Including Speculative Market

3. Not User Friendly

Recently, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of the parent company Facebook to Meta and created the Metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to create a virtual world that combines Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology through Metaverse.

what does metaverse mean?

Metaverse is a virtual world that uses augmented reality, virtual reality, and video technologies. where metaverse users can feel they are in the virtual world they want, even if they are at home

activities to do in metaverse

those who use the metaverse can do anything in virtual form. not only playing games but also shopping, working, meeting, gathering, even attending concerts and much more

how matevarse works

How to enter this virtual world is assisted by headphones/headsets and AR or VR glasses and of course you must have internet access.

the negative impact of this metaverse

– Bad for physical and mental health

– Make people addicted and lose track of time

– forget the real world

– increases the risk of sexual harassment

– data theft

positive impact of metaverse

– can do work from anywhere and anytime

– As a place of entertainment

– interact and socialize with fellow users without limits

– Can work at home and do many activities from home such as school, to attend office meetings

– Make boring things more fun and more interesting

Mixed reality technology has created a natural 3D interaction space between humans computers and the environment. Thus, users can use it to interact and manipulate objects and the physical environment. Like, Angry Birds,  Pokemon Go. Mixed reality has taken the gaming sector to whole new level with immersive user experience and engagement.

Mixed Reality future expectations:

The future of mixed reality looks very broad. With the latest advancements in emerging technologies, one can expect to have a lasting impact on businesses and companies. Mixed reality has seen the real and artificial worlds come together to create a popular phenomenon and increase revenue.

The Mixed Reality Function Is:

  • Education

Education uses 3D simulation, students can interact with and manipulate virtual objects to study them in detail. Inserting three-dimensional objects into the classroom to evaluate the size, shape, or other features of a specified virtual object has become common for students to gain a deeper understanding.

  • Engineering

This Mixed Reality technology helps the work of the engineering industry sector starting from 3D modeling, simulating real-time production processes, monitoring services that combine mixed reality technology with the Internet of things, to training in engineering.

  • Entertainment

The entertainment industry can massively make the human brain think that it is experiencing real effects. Providing its users with complete human with digital interactions.

Mixed Reality future expectations:

The future of mixed reality looks very broad. With the latest advancements in emerging technologies, one can expect to have a lasting impact on businesses and companies. Mixed reality has seen the real and artificial worlds come  together to create a popular phenomenon and increase revenue.