Cloud Computing is a term from Cloud which means internet and Computing which means computer. Cloud computing is an internet-based computing concept, which functions to run programs through computers that are connected to each other at the same time. With cloud computing, you can do work like using a computer such as storing, accessing, and processing data easily. Cloud Computing makes it easy for users to run programs without having to install applications first and makes it easier for users to access data and information via the internet.

Cloud computing benefits

1. makes it easy to store and access data

Cloud computing services allow users to store and access files online. Thus, the user’s files are always available as long as the user is always connected to the internet.

2. Get regular system updates

Update is one of the features that aims to provide the best service to customers. The update aims to improve security, then improve features to provide a better experience to internet users around the world. cloud computing. always updating all the facilities so that users get the maximum benefit.

3. relatively low cost

Users need to be logged on to the right cloud computing service. Make sure the cloud service you choose is suitable for your computing needs.

The high and low fees charged to users are in accordance with the services that users participate in with cloud computing service providers.

4. Communication Becomes Easier

Cloud Computing makes it easy for fellow users to communicate and interact effectively and efficiently.

with cloud computing allows users and their relationships to share and work on data simultaneously.

Types of cloud computing technology

1. Public Cloud

Public cloud computing is the storage of every data and information on the internet media with a service model that uses public access rights. This means that every user can use every feature and service for free and it doesn’t cost anything, it only requires internet.

Usually this service has a large storage space capacity.

Examples are social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. In addition, there are also email-based services, namely Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

Public cloud also has a weakness, where the security system is easy to hack so that it requires user’s personal data to be traded and even misused.

2. Private cloud

Private cloud is the use of cloud technology for the benefit of an organization or company that is private. Usually, it is used for business needs to make it easier and faster to connect communication between teams.

Private cloud is perfect for use by entities or businesses that require strict regulations.

For its own application, it can only be used by stakeholders within the same company or organization. Private cloud computing has a better security system than public cloud computing.

3. Community Cloud

Community Cloud is a cloud infrastructure that is shared by several organizations that have the same interests, and the need for the same level of security.

The cloud may be owned and managed by one or more organizations within the community. It can also be owned by a third party or a combination of the organization and a third party. Even though the organizations that use the cloud are different, they usually work in the same industry or field.

4. Hybrid cloud

The cloud infrastructure available in Hybrid Cloud is a combination of private and public cloud computing types. Although the entity remains independent, there is technology that allows data and application portability between the clouds to be connected.

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