what is virtual tour??

A virtual tour can be defined as a simulation of a specific location consisting of a sequence of still or video images. other than that other multimedia elements such as text, music, narration sound effects, and others can be included in it. The most modern virtual tour today is a virtual tour through virtual reality (VR) technology. In addition to virtual tours, VR technology can also be used for other needs ranging from entertainment to media education and job training, for example the use of VR for immersive educational media, and job training that is cost-effective and without the risk of injury (military training, firefighting, factory work and others).

application of virtual tours in business

  1. property and real estate

With this virtual tour, it makes it easier for prospective home buyers to see in detail before coming directly to the place. With this virtual tour it can also save the time and labor of agents to offer home tours in person to people who do not intend to make a purchase

  • tourist

Before visiting tourist attractions, of course we want to know how the location is there. Now, with this virtual tour, tourists can see a 360 °view of the location of the tour to be visited

  • campus and school

This virtual tour is very useful for seeing educational places because it can make prospective students see the classrooms and facilities in place before choosing the right place to study

  • digital meseum

With the existence of a digital virtual tour, this museum provides many benefits for its special education about history. Not only education, this platform is also connected to the community and can be done anywhere and anytime using good internet power

  • hotel

usually before we stay at the hotel we will look for a suitable hotel and provide comfort for us to rest, now by using this virtual tour we can see 360° ​​views around the hotel and what facilities are in it

  • showroom

Virtual tours can be beneficial for companies that have showrooms to showcase products at any time without. This 360 showroom view is more pleasing to the eye than photos with good quality, and also increases customer interest with the products they want

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There are many benefits of virtual tours that can benefit your business

  1. save time and cost
  2. 2. bigger reach
  3. 3. more attention-grabbing
  4. 4. create focus
  5. 5. visual information
  6.  targeting potential customers
  7.  Bigger ROI
  8. Customization

This virtual tour has a positive impact on life, especially during the covid 19 pandemic. People can feel where they want to be with an interesting 360 view even though they are just at home.

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