What is RPA

RPA is a software robot capable of assisting in performing repetitive tasks as well as imitating and integrating human actions in a digital system.
This RPA robot can also imitate most of the activities performed by humans. The robot can also enter into applications, move files and folders, copy and paste data, fill out forms, extract structured and semi-structured data from a document or browser, and much more. They will do anything you tell them to.
not only that, there are many more benefits that this robot can do.

One of the advantages in business is

  • Better accuracy
  • Improved speed and productivity
  • employees do not need to do their work manually
  • increased accuracy and consistency in processing high data
  • reduce errors and improve worker quality results so as to increase customer satisfaction.

Of course there are also disadvantages of this RPA

  • unemployment
  • requires a large initial cost
  • fostering the lazy nature of humans, because everything has been handled by robots.
    not only for Robotic Process Automation business, but also useful for e-commerce, health and so on

Credits: Unsplash

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