Why many programming languages??

Many factors cause a large number of programming languages, let’s divide into two main factors, internal and external.

Internal factors refer to the capabilities of each language, such as “Performance, Maintainability, Security, Available Libraries and Support”, etc.

External factors are the development of industry and technology. Until now there is still not one programming language that is universal for all needs so we have to choose between “Productivity, Generality and Performance”. That’s why when there are new technologies in the industry, there will be programming languages specific to those technologies. For example, the Python and R programming languages for Machine Learning and Data Analysis technologies.

Where to start??

To know where we started is to set a goal. If you want to be able to create Eye-Catching, interactive websites can be created from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Mobile Development, can be from Swift, Kotlin, or Java adapted to its OS, or even C# for Game Development.

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