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Enable digitization and begin your journey to industry 4.0 with our industrial platform solutions and advanced analytics.


Create a 3D model of your design and make it real. You can also make a virtual tour of your company and enhance your company branding


Industrial-grade IoT devices for automated data capture integrate with seamless, descriptive, & real-time reporting dashboard platform


Convert your business process to web application that allows you to manage your business process from anywhere with industrial dashboard


DIGITAL RISE is a digital transformation startup that combines world class digital technology expertise with in-field experience and local know how. We develop a digital solution ecosystem to deliver integrated solution to fulfill your business needs. Each of our solution consist of passionate, dedicated, and highly skilful people who loves challenge to solve your problems.




  • Swithces

    Switches allows you to turn on/off your device anywhere.

  • Timer

    You can set the device on or off after the specific time as you want with this functio.

  • Energy monitoring

    You can monitoring and check real-time and historical power consumtion.

  • Schedule

    With this function, you can create your characteristic as you want.

Our Products & Services

Reflecting the interlinked nature of Industry 4.0, clients benefit from our comprehensive capabilities as we can identify and apply the optimal combination of technological solutions for their needs, rather than suggesting piecemeal solutions that only solve a single problem without creating added value.

Digital RISe Indonesia have access to a wide range of core Industry 4.0 capabilities and expertise including:


Our Customer


Mattel, Inc. is an American multinational toy manufacturing and entertainment company founded in 1945 with headquarters in El Segundo, California. The products and brands it produces include Fisher-Price, Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Polly Pocket, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Masters of the Universe, American Girl, Thomas & Friends, and WWE.

Balai Besar Tekstil

The Center for Textiles has been established since 1922 under the name Textiel Inrichting Bandoeng (TIB). In 1966 this institution was known as the Textile Technology Institute (ITT) and in 1979, it experienced a change in structure and institutional separation into the Center for Textile Industry Research and Development (BBPPIT) and the College of Textile Technology (STTT). In 2002, the Center for Research and Development of the Textile Industry (BBPPIT) changed its name to the Center for Textiles (BBT) under the Agency for Industry and Trade Research and Development (BPPIP), Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Koperasi Nira Satria

Koperasi Nirasatria are second generation of the coconut farmers, who live from and for sugar and the farmers. So, we know exactly what our farmers need. Nirasatria needs to grow, but more than that we need the farmers community to grow together with us.


Badan Standarisasi dan kebijakan Jasa Industri (BSKJI) or Industrial Research and Development Agency, is a government unit under Industrial Ministry, whose function is to support research regarding industrial development.

We support their journey with developing command center for internal dashboard and industrial web ecosystem, SINDI 4.0.

STTT Bandung

Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Tekstil (STTT) Bandung is an academy under government, whose goal is to train and prepare next generation of textile industries experts. Located in Bandung, this academy becoming one of many institutes that support industrial IOT for its daily machines.


Industri Kecil, Menengah, dan Aneka (IKMA) or Small, Medium, and Miscellaneous Industry is a directorate general under Industrial Ministry, as a support function for small to mid level industries. In order to facilitate growth and development of related industries, they create an ecosystem, completed with market intelligence and e-exhibition, with our team.


Skinsol or PT Skinsol Kosmetik Industri is a company engaged in cosmetics, in this company we offer a solution for recording incoming and outgoing goods for warehouses, namely WMS (Warehouse Management System) in addition we also offer OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) to measure machine productivity it’s on the skinsol.

Dirjen Industri Agro

Simirah is a website and mobile based application, in this system we offer a solution for recording cooking oil from producers to distributors, besides that we also create distribution maps to measure the productivity of the distribution of cooking oil.

Dirjen IKMA

e-Klinik Desain Merek Kemasan Calling for digital transformation can be only defined by one single meaning. Say goodbye to old, longer, inefficient works and embrace the new, fresh, faster and super efficient process by adopting technology and digital world. In short, bye bye paperworks and welcome digital datas! Let’s transform our much much paper datas to the digital ones. Reaching the data for anyone never been this fast,and obviously, can be anywhere and anytime.

What our customer say

Digital RISe Indonesia is very helpful for product traceability from upstream to downstream, so that product quality assurance is also very guaranteed, where it comes from, how it is produced, and clearly, quality assurance is guaranteed.

Nartam Andrea NusaChairman of the Nira Satria Cooperative

The application by Digital RISe Indonesia has successfully helped change the way we carry out governance by accelerating data processing, integrating administrative processes & technical parts, and providing solutions for our business processes.

Rudi Burnama, ST, MILHead of Information Section at Balai Besar Tekstil